Of teacher and Teaching

Teaching-the greatest, most noble and most rewarding job of all


Merci! Gracias! Thank you! Salamat!

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This is an 890 words, 24 hrs late thank you message. I couldn’t wait no more to post this. This is lengthy.

Thank you God for these wonderful blessings! These are symbols that triumph awaits every endeavor and perseverance in Your name…And I can’t afford not to give due recognition to  these wonderful people whom You brought into my life, guiding me along the way…a simple Thank You would not be enough to suffice the mga pwerhisyo and kakulitan I gave them hahahha..needless to say, without them, it would be extremely hard to have all of these…so let me begin.

To My Students

You are the very reason why I got all these accomplishments which furnish me all these acknowledgements. I thank you for the lessons you taught me. You come in different colors, but nevertheless, I love all of you. Your colors make the difference.

To My School Heads Then and Now

Thank you so much Dr. Maximina Doronio for your irrefutable support and trust to my work. To my colleagues from my previous work station, all of you witnessed my successes and failures, but you have proven that in friendship, stress is a nobody hehehehe…our Principal IV of BNHS Madam Eulita P. Nayre, for your nomination and solid confidence, without it I absolutely wouldn’t get it all, it’s really a big thing for me, thank you. To our assistant principal, Madam Julieta Denden, thank you for all the positive vibes you gave. To sir Cris Varron, you played an important role to all my accomplishments. You’re God’s gift!

To  the Baybay City Division Personnel

Sir Genis, Maam Siao and Sir Garcia, thank you for this Pasidunggog 2015. To my evaluator, Madam Elsa B. Tabudlong, thank you so much Ma’am. Your radiant and joyous spirit lightens every pressured Science teacher, something every one of us should emulate.  To Maam Carlet Galarse-Lingatong, thanksss a million for every single assistance you gave me since, your zealous spirit is contagious, and it catches every person you are able to talk with, so let me give this phrase back to you Maam Gaga, you’re a gem. To Maam Ritchel Villamor, wow! thank you, thank you, thank you. Your fervent essence to help has cleared all my queries, my strong template for a perfect coordination of work. To Doc Josemilo Ruiz, sincerest thank you for all the chances you have entrusted and the help you gave me. Your genuine support is superb. You’re God’s gift. I couldn’t say any less. To Maam Shirley L. Godoy, you were the root of these all, my ever magnificent high school teacher, now an Education Program Supervisor. Thank you. To Doc Jasme Yojz Cerna-Rapada, thank you for the encouragements, motivation. Your simplicity is marvelous.

To My Present Station

Science Dept. Head Sir Adrian Pelicano and Mathematics Department Head Ireneo Rodriguez, thank you. Your pagsalig and suporta are fires that blaze my endeavor. To my co-teachers at the Science Department, salamat sa inyong suporta. Our friendship is yet infant, but I am extremely happy our camaraderie is great. This is also a big thing for me. I want to tell you that you played a very important role in my Science award. Without your concerted efforts, mine would be meaningless. I credit you for it. Thank you. To my friends at BNHS, Randy Terol, Mark Gallego, guys you never fail to make my murky days bright- big thanks to you. To the Mathematics teachers of Baybay City Division who were involved in my study, thank you for taking the challenge. I know it burdens you somehow, but thank you for the positive attitude and support. Don’t worry, I am very much willing to support you 200% when you need my assistance in your data gathering as well. To maam Recto, thank you so much.


My friend, amegah Alex Mangubat, you never failed to show me that time is just a number hahahah! Your perfect hands always bring the best out of everyone who comes to you. I’m sure you will be blessed all the time. Thanks for my hair and make-up and Modern-Filipina wear. This thank you goes to Maam Ann Bargamento as well.

To My Friends

My ever dearest friends Christia Camarillo and Alvin Alvarado… The goodness of your hearts are statistically significant to your brilliance. You two are exactly what Pia Wurtzbach says, confidently beautiful..with a heart. You are my stars. Shang & Nivla, daghan nakog utang ninyo nga burger! And to the rest of my friends, as much as I want to mention all of you here, a day is not enough. But My million-fold-thanks and gratitude goes out to all of you. Truly, God made friendship as the greatest gift. And with you, I have received it!

To My Family

To my Nanays and Tatays, Thank you. How far I’ve come is as much as how tremendously-gigantic your supports have been. Thank you so, so much. And lastly, to my kids Lady, Prince, Caryl, and Johna and husbandry Ruel, all throughout, you have been my inspiration, my breaths. Thank you for always standing behind my back through thick and thin. I Love You!

Yesterday, when I arrived, my kids asked me what those plaques are for, I explained I have been awarded. My son asked, for what? I said, my work. Ahhhh, my daughter said…gwapa man gud ka nay no mao gitagaan ka ana….hahahah toink!

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Lola Sayong, Classic Grandma

Thanks to Honey Madelaine Lauron ( my cousin) who took this picture with Lola Sayong for a selfie                                    This is my grandma…we call her Lola Sayong…u know, she’s such a strong woman…she only knew how to write her name but was able to send her 4 kids to skul (all girls) and was able to get to things espcially money matters by her own…she owns a small sari-sari store and do groceries by herself, keeping the list of everything she needs in her very own memory….she’s a strong willed woman…the classic Filipina…strict but consistent, firm but kind, simple but very particular hmmmm, never forgets but forgives hahaha…peace lola…anywayz let me continue…her husband (my lolo) passed away like 20 years ago and was of the same age as hers now and was a surveyor…works n d government, participated n d maharlika road project before…self schooled and accelerated from one grade to another…BUT my lolo who’s this educated would tell her girls this…“I brought myself to education by my own, why can’t you?”..but my lola who never had a chance to step skul would say…“I’ll send you to skul provided u promise to graduate at the expected time, no buts, no second chances”…sorry Lolo for the compare, peace…so my lola sent them all to skul by her own (lolo don’t share/aid, and lola don’t care)….she was stiff by her rules…u need to follow her or else..that’s why my nanay graduated college and became a teacher…so is my aunt.

Fun Moments with Lola Sayong

Since grade 2, I always look forward to the summer vacation, such unforgetable moments for me and my siblings…it means vacation time to Lola Sayong and her farm, my aunts, my cousins..and of course Fiesta! I would have a series of dreams weeks before travel time to Tacloban and to Pagsulhugon in Babatngon. But the best was that 2 full months stay at Lola Sayong’s house with my parents finishing their Master’s Degree in Tacloban…my Lola had to look after for us…When my brother had fever, Lola Sayong was so restless…keeps monitoring my brod’s temp…keeps his tummy full with the hourly feeding of lugaw with a pinch of asin…how I can’t forget my brod’s face as Lola Sayong puts a spoonful of it in his mouth…he wants to spit it out but afraid of Lola’s tiger look…after lunch, we love to play by the well, bobon as they call it there. We love to challenge each other jumping from edge to edge of the 10-15ft deep open water well…I can still recall the horrified-angry shout of Lola Sayong seeing how all of us enjoyed the dare-devil moment…I didn’t know why neither of us ever thought what would happen if the jump fails…Lola Sayong had to fence the well, shoulder length, so neither of us could ever jump on the edge again…then that electric fishing moment…There were vacant rice paddies about 50 mtrs from Lola Sayongs house…it was filled with water and was later developed to a  small fish pond…the owner uses electricity when fishing..haven’t seen such thing at our place, we immediately went out to see hows everything done…hours passed and we didn’t know Lola sayong has been looking for us around the barangay…I just felt something pinched my side which raised half my body in surprise…my Lola Sayong pinching me at d side…, so mad we didn’t ask her…worst is we have her caught us near the electric fishing thing…she was dead-afraid we’d get electricuted…and so goes the side pinching to my brods as well hahaha..

to be continued…

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Of Research and Horror….the continuation

We felt extreme and unimaginable fear that time. The road seemed longer; I just wanted to get home immediately. Negative thoughts were running over me especially that the image seemed like looking at me angrily….Oh my God! And I was so sure that the rest of us also felt the same. I told them that I can find no reason for the ghost to tail over me because I haven’t done anything at all to disturb them, if they really do exist. I just presented my paper, and that’s it. Then, I remembered that the night we slept over, I kept on going up and down the stairs like… five times? It was because I was fixing my powerpoint. I left my phone in the room, so I need to go up and get it. Then, I left another important thing, my flashdrive, so I need to go up again. Then, I noticed my netbook was about to get empty batt so I need to go up again to get my charger. I have no thoughts or feeling of extraordinary thing the whole time. Was it maybe I have disturbed them going up and down the stairs many times?

No horror movie can surpass the feeling we had. Ma’am Gen who owns the tablet doesn’t even want to hold her phone. The tablet was passed to Sir Elde at the back and he calmly said, “We can’t control presence of things like this, especially the area has been through a devastating tragedy.” He continued saying, “Because you two girls stayed there, you need to pray in your way home.” I felt even more afraid hearing those words, so I said, “I’ll go to church immediately tonight sir and dedicate one Holy Mass for the disturbed souls in the area.” With the idea, I felt a little bit of relief.

“So, how will the dedication go like in your Mass Offering?”, Ma’am Lyn asked. Sir Elde replied, “It should be stated ‘For the peaceful rest of the disturbed soul in the video and the rest in the area.” Okay, I said to myself.  So I have an idea how to go over the dedication.

When we arrived at the Division Office, the people gathered around the tablet and looked on the pictures horrified. Nobody can dare to laugh or joke around with the clearness of the image on the three pictures. Then suddenly, April, one of the Division personnel, exclaimed, “Oh no! I know what this is! This is taken via camera 360, right?” Suddenly everyone turned to her, “what is that?”, we asked. “It’s one of the applications found in a tablet or android phones”, April explained, ” can be downloaded online for free”. Oh my, I told myself, like we’re tech victims?

April went on explaining, “When you click camera 360 icon in this phone, you’ll come to that window where you’ll get to choose any background, if you have mistakenly clicked a ghost background, then the image will appear on the pictures your taking, all of it in a series. So that’s it? Unbelievable! It was just a camera app afterall?

“ But Ma’am Gen did not click that function on her phone”, Ma’am Lyn declared. I remembered Malyn was also taking the pictures that time using my Samsung Android GTS5300 phone, I asked her to. I haven’t downloaded camera 360 so I don’t have such app in my cellphone. I opened my bag but found it empty batt already. I told myself on my way home, if I don’t see the figure in my phone, then we were just fooled by a camera trick. But if it appears there, then I must do something for it.

When I arrived home, I immediately charged my cellphone. When it was full, I waited for my husband to come home. When he arrives, I told him the story and we opened the camera together. In God’s grace… it wasn’t there! Thanks God, it wasn’t there! The pictures were clear. That moment, I felt total relief.

The next day, I went to the Division Office for some things and Ma’am Lyn told me, “You know Beth, I just realized that all of us in the car were fooled by our ignorance in phone apps knowing your research was all about technology!” We laughed at the idea, but of course we’re very thankful that it was just a camera trick.

I haven’t bumped over Ma’am Gen since that day. So, I haven’t copied the pictures yet. But my husband recently downloaded camera 360 app. So to give you idea of how that picture raised every bit of hair in my neck and arms, I’ll post a picture tomorrow taken with and without camera 360, with exactly the same image in my presentation pics. Wondered what the inspiration of the app designer is to come up with such horrifying design, a ghost in the background!

Lesson learned? Always investigate. 🙂

I am very thankful to the people who contributed much to my action research…to my friend Shang-shang who became my instant adviser, to Ma’am Shirley our EPS-Designate and Research In-charge of the Division and to Ma’am Lyn our ASDS who were with us since day one, to Ma’am Bargamento for the Q and A before the presentation (confidence booster), to Malyn (fellow researcher) my buddy in the presentation and to my school head Ma’am Menche for her everlasting support. To my students who were my inspiration for my paper and to my hubby and kids for the luv luv luv..Thanks all of you…you’re God’s gifts to me…:)


Of Research and Horror….when a Technology Researcher becomes a Tech Victim!

Being a daughter of dedicated parents who are both teachers (and I thank God for that) and being a teacher myself for like nine years now, I have grown with the routine of school-home-school every day. So I was excited when an Education Supervisor visited me in school and informed me that I am going for a Two-Day Regional Research Conference. My action research has passed the regional screening and I was selected to present my paper (oral defense). What transcribed in that 2-day experience has proved to be the most horrible yet the funniest days so far in my teaching career. So what’s the story?

The venue is at the DepEd RO VIII office in Palo, Leyte. According to rumors, which I have heard after the horror experience happened, 20 people were found dead after the Yolanda tragedy at the said location. It is near Mc Arthur Park in Palo and water rushed from the shore, according to reports, in that fateful day. Of this 20 victims, one was found on top of the flagpole, according to rumors (which is hard for me to picture-out how).

Upon arrival at the venue, I immediately registered for overnight accommodation, headed for my room and went back down to the training center with all clean, innocent thoughts. Later did I realized that only one among my companions is going to stay overnight like me, the rest decided to go home. I wondered why they have to go home knowing there are still available rooms upstairs. That’s okay, I thought to myself.

My companions were already there when I get in the hall, so I settled myself. Few minutes, the plenary started and a lecture on Research Ethics was delivered followed by a lecture on Research Proposals in the afternoon. The day went smoothly.  So, when all of our companions left for home, a hundred plus km travel, I invited my fellow teacher-research presenter, Malyn, to come with me for dinner.

The next day, we headed to another part of the Region Office for action research oral presentation. On our way, we saw the flag pole with the flag quiet distorted in some way. It looked like a part of it hardened, maybe of the unpredictable rain and scorching heat of the sun. I don’t know but it looked as if it had stiffened over time but also looked like there’s something holding it from taking the force of gravity downwards. Malyn, a keen observer exclaimed to me, “Ma’am, look at the flag!” I followed her eyes and said, “Ohh, didn’t anybody noticed that?” We both chuckled and headed straight to the venue.

I was third in the line. When it was my turn to present, I gave my Android phone to Malyn and ask her if she could take some pictures of me while I do the presentation which she gladly accepted. Another group mate, Ma’am Gen a school nurse, also took some pictures of me while doing the presentation. I ask her to tag the pictures on my facebook which she nodded smilingly.

I was happy with the result of the presentation. Questions focused on my methodology. One reactor commented that if some don’t find my research useful, he finds it as a paper with a future. That was one comment that I was really happy about. Another expressed that he hopes teachers are like me. Concerned of the welfare of the students. My action research was about the effect of cellphone reminding system technology to the number of assignment submission in Mathematics.

After the awarding ceremony, I headed back to our room and brought my bag to the car waiting for us. Obviously, I was so happy with the results. We were 6 on the car including the driver. Ma’am Lyn, our leader, Malyn, Ma’am Gen and Sir Elde at the back. The rest of our team mates had some other things to do so they decided to commute their way home.

In the car, Sir Elde talk of Ethnology Research and discussed his annotation of the dance festival in our city. We had a very good conversation until we noticed our companions were half asleep already. We rested for like half an hour. Then about two-third of our way home, Ma’am Gen took her tablet and started reviewing our pictures. When I saw her shots of me during the research presentation, I reminded her to tag me of those in my facebook. Then suddenly, I noticed something unusual in my pictures. I asked her to slide the shots back again and I wasn’t mistaken. There was something else in all of my pics. The image seemed very clear to all of us. I exclaimed in horror and passed the tablet to Ma’am Lyn who was seated in front and said, “Ma’am Lyn, Oh My God! Look at that! What is that?!”

Ma’am Lyn thought I was referring to myself in the pics, then she saw the image. A lady in white, couldn’t be mistaken as ghost, exactly like those we see on movies. The image, a young lady dressed in all white wearing an antique necklace. I was so horrified knowing that there couldn’t be anyone else at my back supposedly since I was the only one standing during my presentation and all the people are facing me. How come? Cold feeling creeped from my feet to my head, the car suddenly felt colder than ever. Ma’am Gen who owns the tablet asked the driver to hold it which the later hastily declined. She seemed could’t take the idea that she was taking my picture with a ghost. I could’t believe it myself. My thoughts were sound and clear ever since I stepped inside the venue and I couldn’t remember feeling anything unusual. Then we remembered the flag! Malyn looked at me fearfully and we both exclaimed “The flag! Oh MY God!”.

Ma’am Lyn blurted asking “Why did the two of you decided to sleepover last night! You two should have gone home with us! Didn’t you noticed all of us were going home, only the two of you decided to stay.”

“We didn’t know about the ghost thing in the Region Office Ma’am”, I replied. “If only we have an idea about that, I never could have stayed, no way!”, I continued. I can feel the fear that has come to all of us that moment. I could’t really understand why it happened. Ma’am Gen was more afraid thinking she was the one who took the pictures and that all were saved on her phone. But nobody beats my fear that time, who couldn’t be more afraid when I was the one being looked by the ghost. It really sent me shievers through my spine.

-to be continued-